Full Membership

Full membership costs £40 per month and allows full access* to the studio. Members receive a key  and are given storage space in the studio and they can attend meetings and vote on issues. Full Members can also submit prints to any BAP exhibitions. Joining BAP is simple and quick – you just need to do two induction sessions with an existing member so that you can familiarise yourself with the studio, and then set up a standing order for the first of each month. Induction costs are £15 for a 2 hour session. We would also like to see a few examples of your printmaking – you can bring these along to one of the induction sessions.

Once you have completed the induction sessions and the standing order is set up you will be given a cubby hole and a drawer and the key (a £6 deposit).

*The studio is not available on Wednesday mornings (10am – 1pm) when the bookbinding group meets, and also when other members are running courses.

Day Rate Membership

The studio can be used by experienced printmakers on a daily basis, for a fee of £45 per 3 hour session. Access to the studio is dependent on a Full Member being present to allow access and oversee the session. Day Raters must be familiar with the techniques, processes and equipment they are using, as tuition is not included in the fee.

We advise that you make a preliminary visit to the studio to see the facilities. You can download a membership form here.